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Tencel, a trademark name for lyocell, is a regenerated cellulose fibre. It is similar to rayon, being made of wood from trees that are dissolved into a pulp and extruded to create yarn. Unlike rayon, which is typically made from old growth forests and toxic chemicals, lyocell is made with sustainably farmed trees in a closed-loop process that recovers and reuses nearly 99% of all chemicals, with reduced power and water required compared to traditional rayon production.

Tencel/lyocell has a great moisture wicking and absorption due to it’s high moisture regain, making it the most absorbent non-natural, or semi-synthetic, fibre. A flowy drape, soft handle and lustrous sheen makes it similar to silk. It has low wet-strength, meaning it is susceptible to damage when wet. Care should be taken when washing and drying lyocell fabrics and yarns.

Tencel is generally more biodegradable than cotton, though finishing and dyeing processes done after the yarn is made may impact the sustainability of the end product. No bleach is required in the making of Tencel fibres, compared to other cellulose fibres such as cotton and linen. It reacts well to acid dyes and has good dye affinity.

Tencel is a good choice if you’re looking for an ethical alternative to silk or traditional rayon products. Our range comes in [xx] colours making it a versatile choice for your projects, whether by itself or paired with other yarns such as wool and cotton. A wise choice for anything from light, breathable summery garments to sophisticated evening wear.

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Tencel 8/2
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